Approach Biotech Corporation

Committed to Mold Prevention

Approach Biotech Corporation specializes in the development and manufacturing of antimicrobial packaging products. On the basis of environmentally friendly and sustainable principles, Approach Biotech Corporation offers a wide range of enhanced M-BUSTER® series of anti-mold chips and DEZZERTS® series of desiccants, as well as other anti-mold preparations.

Since the inception of the company, Approach Biotech Corporation has evolved into an integral anti-mold solution provider offering the full range of mold prevention products and tailored “before-sales” and “after-sales” services.

The products offered by Approach Biotech Corporation are designed for ease of use, yet at affordable costs. With proven high antimicrobial efficacy, the applications are suitable for mold and mildew prevention in leatherwear, shoes, garments, woodenware, electronics, machinery & hardware, optical devices, instruments products, food, agricultural products, freight and a various variety of manufacturing industries. Furthermore our products are widely used by major brands, wholesalers and trading firms around the world.

Innovation, Quality and Service are the philosophy and goals of Approach Biotech Corporation. As always, all of our employees are fully committed to this vision in order to meet the needs of our clients and the ever-changing global market.