How to use

Solution for Mold Control
M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips | Stickers
Open the foil package and remove M-BUSTER® anti-mold chips.
At time of final packing place one or more pieces of M-BUSTER® anti-mold chips in packaging.
The packaging should be closed immediately after placing the chip(s) in the packaging and not reopened prior to shipment, then loading the packaging to shipping carton ASAP.
Any unused M-BUSTER® anti-mold chip | stickers must be placed back to original foil bag, closed airtightly by OPP packaging tape, and used as soon as possible.
Solution for Moisture Control
DEZZERTS® Container Desiccants
1.Container inspection:
Check for any damage on the containers, whether there are holes or gaps in the container walls,
roof or floor. Doors should be closed tightly, and rubber seal must be in good conditions.
Containers should be clean and dry before loading.
2.Check the moisture content of containers floors
If possible, do not use containers with over 20% moisture content
If this is not possible, increase the number of desiccants used.Do not use container with floors with moisture contents in excess of 25%
3.Seal air vents
4.Remove desiccant from the packaging.
5.Hang the units from securing points on container side walls just under roof. as shown in the picture.
6.Close the container doors.

How many pieces need to be used?
4~6 pcs per 20’ container, 8~12 pcs per 40’ container, and 10~14 pcs per 40’ HQ container

For storage: store in dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.