What are M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips?

The M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chip is a biotech product containing anti-mold agents which will inhibit or eradicate the growth of mold, bacteria and certain other pests, by gradually releasing a gas which envelopes the protected objects within their packaging environment.

How is the M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chip different from similar products currently available on the market? Is it safe?

The anti-mold preparation of the M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chip is made from numerous natural plant extracts combined with various special herbal essences; they are extracted and fermented using a unique biotechnical method. They are natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and superior to other conventional chemically refined compounds.
The M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chip is originally a food-grade mold prevention product, compliant with USA FDA regulation 21CFR175.300 and with European Union directive 2002/72/EC(90/128/EEC).
The anti-molds and anti-bacteria capabilities of M-BUSTER® have been collaborated by a world renowned 3rd party laboratory. Certifications and reports are available, please contact us for details. Lab experiments have shown that M-BUSTER® can eradicate the following more active and familiar mildew types: Aspergillus niger, Penicillium pinophilum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Aureobasidium pullulans, Gliocladium virens and Chaetomium globosum; as well as the following bacteria:Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli.

How do I use M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips?

M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips are simple and convenient to use. Simply follow these steps:
1. Open the foil package and remove the M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips.
2. At time of final packing place one or more pieces of M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips in packaging.
3. The packaging should be closed immediately after placing the chip(s) in the packaging and not reopened prior to shipment.
4. Any unused M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips should be stored in the original foil bag, closed airtight, and used as soon as possible.

We currently use another type of anti-mold stickers; frequently we cannot use up a whole pack at a time. Stickers which have been exposed to the air for a long time lose their effectiveness, and we have no choice but to throw them away, resulting in cost and wastage; do M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips have these drawbacks as well?

Our anti-mold chips are packed in an easy-to-count strips, making dispatching them to production lines very simple and convenient; you can dispatch the exact quantity needed by the workers, and keep the remaining anti-mold chips in the foil bag. This bag can be sealed and stored without affecting the chips, preventing wastage and financial loss.
M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips have been proven to be remain effective after opening of the foil bag longer than similar products currently available on the market.Suggestion for factories: dispatch sufficient anti-mold chips needed for half a working day, and keep these in an air-tight box for use during final packing. Remaining anti-mold chips can be sealed and stored, preventing loss of effectiveness due to long exposure to the air (feel free to contact us for more details).

How many M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips should I use?

The number of M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips to be used depends on the size of the packaging. In most cases 1 or 2 M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chip will be sufficient (for 33x22x12,cm or so), for boots 3-4 pieces are suggested. We recommend testing under controlled conditions, which differ from customer to customer, so that the best mold prevention effectiveness can be achieved.

How long can I store M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips?

Unopened foil bags of M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips can be stored for up to one and half years. Once the bag is opened the Anti-Mold Chips should be used as quickly as possible. Any unused Anti-Mold Chips should be placed back in the original foil bag, sealed airtightly, and used as soon as possible.

How should M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips be stored?

M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

If we have to reopen the packaging for any reason, do we need to change the M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips?

When you reopen the packaging, new sources of mildew present in the surrounding environment can enter the packaging. We suggest replacing the Anti-Mold Chips to guarantee continuous anti-mold prevention.

If we find mold on the shoes, and then use M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips, will the mold disappear?

M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips can only suppress the growth of mold. The Anti-Mold Chip will not make existing mold disappear.

If I use M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips do you guarantee that I will not have a claim?

As the final use of the M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips is in the hands of the factory and we cannot control how they are used or the condition of the shoes when packed, unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will not have any claim. However, we can assure M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Chips offer the most effective and safe protection against mold available today.