Integral Solution
Provider for Mold Prevention

Approach Biotech Corporation is an integral solution provider for mold prevention, we provide services designed to help the factory improve conditions that affect the integrity of factory and product.

Preventing mold and mildew systematically

Mold prevention is system work which covers many aspects, such as incoming materials warehouse, manufacturing process, outside workshops, finished goods storage and shipping, etc., so as to require an integral solution to cope with the challenges. Our expert technicians will be available to visit factories to perform analysis and provide remediation for preventing mold.

Education program

Education program will educate all involved personnel on the issues of mold growth and prevention. Also based on client specific requirements, it can be tailored for customers.

On-site training and factory audits

On-site training and education is extremely useful to improve mold prevention. A conditions and facilities vary between factories, our expert technicians will inspect each factory based on a checklist and interact with factory operators to find out specific faults that resulted in the mold problems, so the best mold prevention measures can be designed and implemented.


We will issue a detailed report of our conclusions and recommendations including corrective action plan after each factory analysis. Thus the factory operators are able to continue the corrective measures so as to avoid any reoccurrences of mold problems.