Our Advantage

Complete Product Combination:
Solution oriented product supply offering complete measure for mold prevention and moisture control, which include Anti-Mold Stickers, Container Desiccants and Antimicrobial Agent.
Factory consultancy service:
Factory service provided for those using M-BUSTER® Anti-Mold Stickers, for consultancy on preventing mildew, our expert team will be available to perform service package of practical factory inspection, auditing, training, and corrective action planning.
Best Cost Performance:
Apart from our consultancy service benefit, we provide the best prices on our anti-mold stickers and container desiccants. Achieving better value for money spent on each item for you and your suppliers/factories.
Fast Delivery and Flexible Delivery Points:
Delivery from either Taiwan, local China warehouse or other countries, goods to be immediately delivered once order is confirmed. We have been serving many international big buyers in last 16 years.
Best Product Efficacy:
We are the leading company on our ingredient and technology, have a lot of experience serving footwear, garments and hard lines industry. Supported by independent 3rd party laboratories, and our in-house testing shows that efficacy of M-BUSTER® anti-mold chip is much higher than our competitors’.
Eco friendly:
The ingredient is edible food additive and non-chemically refined composition. Regulation compliant globally; Supported by independent 3rd party laboratories M-BUSTER® nti-mold chip contains no VOC and toxic heavy metals, and is BPR and REACH compliant.